Vivint Ping One-Touch Call Out, Two-Way Talk Camera.

Buy Vivint Ping camera enables anybody in your home to shout to your cell phone with the bit of one catch on the camera itself. When you answer the call, you will almost certainly observe a live stream of your home’s exercises and have a two-path discussion with whomever shouted to you.

Regardless of whether it’s your kid calling for help discovering his homework or an old parent bringing in a frenzy, the Vivint Ping camera offers a progressive yet basic route for you to associate with those at home with the dash of a catch.

Vivint Ping Camera


  1. One-touch call out with a button on top of the camera
  2. 140-degree HD view
  3. 20-second recorded clips
  4. Crisp 1080p video
  5. Included as part of the complete Vivint Smart Home security system
  6. 24/7 Vivint monitoring

Using Technology to Simplify Your Life.

Vivint keeps on maintaining the conviction that innovation ought to be utilized to improve your life and ought to be simple enough for anybody to utilize. The Vivint Ping makes it very simple for relatives to interface with one another and remain safe.

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