Printer Supply Memory Error HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw

It is safe to say that you are encountering issues with your HP printer and see an on-screen message that shows, ‘Supply Memory Error‘ or something comparative?

In the event that the appropriate response is truly, at that point you’ve likely effectively had a go at turning your printer off and back on, evacuating and reinserting toners and you can’t fix your printer issue, nothing is working and you’re prepared to surrender!

Try not to stress, I’m going to spare your day. This is what you’ll gain from this page:

  • For what reason does your HP printer show ‘Supply Memory Error’
  • What regular things cause Supply Memory mistakes.
  • Step by step instructions to fix a supply memory mistake and get your printer working once more.

Why does my printer display –  Supply Memory Error?

A supply memory error is caused when the metal contacts/chip on a toner cartridge doesn’t effectively associate with the comparing contacts inside the printer. The printer at that point can’t recognize the toner cartridge is introduced and shows the ‘Supply Memory Error’ message on the printer show board. The mistake can likewise be brought about by flawed good cartridges where the smaller scale chip information is outdated.

This issue influences different models of HP LaserJet Pro and multifunction printer models, especially the HP M1212nf printer and LaserJet Pro M277dw printer models.

This sort of issue will once in a while occur after you have supplanted an unfilled cartridge with another toner and there are a few conceivable causes. Peruse on to discover what those may be…

What causes a HP Supply Memory Error and how to fix them.

There are 4 straight forward and regular things that can cause this printer issue, preventing it from working and fortunately, they are straight forward to fix.

  • Lose bundling, stuck paper or defensive strips that haven’t been evacuated.
  • Squashed metal contacts that never again associate the toner to the printer.
  • Broken plastic pieces the reason the toner to be out of position.
  • Outdated printer programming/firmware.

To get your printer working again, try the following fixes:

1.Lose packaging or protective strips.

When you’re going to introduce another toner cartridge, there are orange defensive strips and plastic clasps that are there to ensure the cartridge isn’t harmed while being transported. Every one of these clasps and defensive strip over the drum must be evacuated before introducing your new toner, else they will keep your printer from printing

Clasps are anything but difficult to spot and stand out like a sore thumb, the defensive strip is in favor of the toner and has an orange ring that must be destroyed to expel the strip or will like a bit of cellophane as it does in the picture beneath.

2.Squashed Metal contacts.

For your printer to almost certainly recognize a toner cartridge that has been introduced, 2 modest metal contacts much interface with the relating contacts on the cartridge. The metal contacts in the printer, and the ones on the toner complete a circuit and if the contacts aren’t contacting. Your printer will believe that the toner isn’t introduced.

Evacuate your toner cartridge and examine something that looks like a microchip or two metal squares. Presently envision where these would interface inside the printer and search for the relating connectors inside the printer (ensuring the printer is turned off and unplugged).

On the off chance that the two metal connectors appear to be squashed back, tenderly (so not to break anything), pull them advances. This ought to enable them to effectively associate with the toner once you introduce it once more.

It’s additionally conceivable that losing bits of pressing material or paper jams can cause an issue so ensure the printer is clear before introducing another toner.

3.Broken plastic pieces.

On the off chance that a toner cartridge has been harmed along one of the sides so the plastic openings have severed then it may not accurately sit inside the printer and comparatively to the past explanation behind the provisions memory issue, the contacts won’t effectively associate, and the best way to fix this issue is to supplant the toner cartridge with another one.

4.Out of date firmware / software.

Your printer maker will consistently refresh your printer with new programming of firmware. On the off chance that this product is obsolete in any capacity whatsoever, you may get a mistake. Visit google and type ‘[your printer model] firmware’ in the pursuit bar and download the most recent one for your PC/printer. Once refreshed this can regularly fix numerous printer issues. You can locate the most recent firmware reports on the HP site Here.

One last conceivable purpose behind the provisions memory mistake message can be caused when you introduce a good or remanufactured toner cartridge and the information put away on the cartridges small scale chip is obsolete.

The printer firmware would then be able to convey the supply memory mistake message and the best way to fix this issue is to get the organization you acquired the reman from to supplant it with another one and afterward swap it out in your printer.

There you have it, ideally these tips have been useful and your printer is working once more.

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