Tumblr is an unbelievable place to get your step by step fix of cool GIFs and pictures. Regardless, the proportion of NSFW content on that site has risen essentially over late years, so it’s not surprising to see certain online diaries — grown-up related, for example — constrained with a Safe Mode advised.

If you want How to turn off safe mode on tumblr app” Here is a solution of this problem.

Except if you haven’t turned 18, there’s for all intents and purposes no motivation behind why you ought to have the Safe Mode turned on, so we should perceive how we can debilitate it.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have a record, nor have any expectation of making one. Try not to stress. We will be discussing an approach to get around that also.


Of course, Tumblr has the Safe Mode turned on for all clients paying little mind to age, so essentially marking in to your Tumblr account doesn’t get the job done. You have to physically turn it off.

NOTE: If you are under 18 years old, Tumblr offers no real way to kill the Safe Mode. What’s more, truly, you shouldn’t. Simply stick to charming creature pics for the time being and returned once you turn 18.

Step 1:

Sign in to your Tumblr account, tap the Account symbol, and after that select Settings.

Step 2: On the Filtering section, tap the switch next to the Safe Mode to turn it off.

Tumblr Turn Off Safe Mode 3

That is it! You should now have the capacity to scan for and get to web journals or posts that were recently hailed as ‘not ok for the office.’

Notwithstanding, recall that once you sign out, you lose access to NSFW content, so make a point to sign in at whatever point you need to recapture get to. Obviously, your past inclinations are spared and you don’t have to kill Safe Mode once more.


If you use Tumblr’s nifty mobile app, things are a little different when it comes to turning off the Safe Mode.

iPhone and iPad

On iOS, you don’t get the chance to kill the Safe Mode by means of the Tumblr application, yet rather from the iOS Settings application.

Step 1: Open the Settings application from the Home screen, look down, and after that tap Tumblr.

Tumblr Turn Off Safe Mode 5

Step 2: Under Tumblr Settings, tap on the Safe Mode.

Step 3: Tap Don’t Hide Anything to turn Safe Mode off.

You should be able to access all NSFW content once you re-open the Tumblr app.

Android Devices

Step 1: Open the Tumblr application, tap the Account symbol, and afterward tap the apparatus formed Settings symbol.

Step 2: Tap General Settings, and after that tap Filtering.

Step 3: Tap the change by Safe Mode to turn it off.

Tumblr Turn Off Safe Mode 12

You can now begin viewing NSFW content immediately.


You loathe Tumblr, yet you simply need to get to a specific Tumblr blog to determine the status of something. What’s more, obviously, it’s blocked.

In the event that that sounds like you, there’s extremely no motivation to sit idle making a Tumblr account just to impair Safe Mode. There are sure sites that given you a chance to get to Tumblr by specifically bypassing the limitation. How about we take a gander at a couple of them.


Tumblr Turn Off Safe Mode 13

GramUnion lets you in a split second access any Tumblr blog — limited or unhindered — by essentially embeddings its name. Actually, it’s even way cooler that Tumblr itself because of the way that you can channel posts by media type — picture, video, sound, and so forth. You can likewise embed hashtags to effectively raise related posts and websites.


Tumblr Turn Off Safe Mode 15

Another valuable site that gives you get to limited substance access a jiffy, Tumbex likewise gives you a chance to scan for posts independently. What’s more, the way that it shows pictures in an adaptable framework design makes exploring complex Tumblr web journals a breeze. You can likewise decide the quality — SD, HD, and MD — that pictures stack in to oversee data transfer capacity.

Not at all like the other two destinations that we discussed, you can likewise sign in utilizing your Facebook or Google records and bookmark web journals and posts for survey later. Very helpful, isn’t that so?


Online confinements are quite often an awful thing, however it’s reasonable for this situation — NSFW content isn’t for everybody. Also, at any rate, Safe Mode can be effectively killed, so Tumblr merits some credit for that.

Before we wrap things up, make sure to look at the destinations referenced above regardless of whether you have a record. They’re incredible at exploring Tumblr writes effectively.

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