The Hp 6830 problem with printhead issue more often than not executes because of unnecessary ink spillage where a base of the printer directly under where your print head is settled might be loaded with ink spillage. It can additionally prompt spilling issue. Well for this specialized issue, an all around clarified arrangement has been written somewhere near a group of HP Printer Support master professionals to portray ventures for investigating HP OfficeJet Printhead issue in a hurry.

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HP OfficeJet Pro 6830 Printer

Steps to Fix HP Officejet 6830 Printhead issue – HP Printer Repair Service.

Step 1: Changing the ink cartridge

  1. Open the HP OfficeJet Print-head printer cover first to change ink cartridges.
  2. Next, basically separate the power string

Step 2: Removing tall screws

  1. Evacuate every one of the screws that are situated inside its internal best front of your printer. Clients here will need either a star screw driver of the correct size, or might be of a flathead screwdriver which will precisely fit every other screw.
  2. Next, clients are encouraged to delicately lift off the inward best cover by putting it out where one truly does not have to disengage every one of the links. Essentially put it on the opposite side to get a simple access of the printer’s internals segment.

Step 3: Handling the plastic location

  1. Make a legitimate note of the plastic area tape’s introduction segment to effectively put this at straight rear precisely the manner in which it started things out. Be watchful that its end area is either towards left or right side
  2. Evacuate the tape in next tape now.
Hp OfficeJet Pro 6830 Printer

Step 4: Managing the print-head base

  1. Expel every one of the screws quickly from print go to’s continue further
  2. Cautiously endeavor to lift up this entire get together with the printhead just as its bar and tilt it topsy turvy. Make sure not to separate any of the links.

Step 5: Clean up the printhead

  1. Tidy up cautiously the base of the printhead segment with a build up free wipe strategy.
  2. Next, basically place everything in its unique place and the turn around all your above guidelines portrayed.
  3. Module the power once more.
  4. Turn it on next.
  5. Gain admittance to the printer’s control board, swipe left and after that go to the “Setup/Printer Maintenance” and select “Clean Printhead” symbol cautiously.
  6. Clean all print heads finally.\

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